A k a m i n e  S i s t e r s

赤 嶺 姉 妹

Ryukyuan Dance meets TOKYO. 


Ryukyuan dance, a nationally-designated important

intangible cultural property: a majestic rite of the Ryukyu Kingdom,

court entertainment for guests of state,

and the pride of the cultural nation of Ryukyu.


The Akamine sisters: a Tokyo-based Ryukyuan dance unit,

carrying on the tradition and dignity of the Kingdom.


With a commanding presence and richness of expression supported by hard training from early childhood, each step and each motion of the hand expresses the spirit of Ryukyu as they dance with solemnity, elegance, and grace.


The Akamine sisters: from Okinawa

to Tokyo, and the world.


Akamine sisters

Akamine sisters
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Hachiyo-ryu Yone-no-kai

Learn about “Hachiyo-ryu Yone-no-kai”, the starting point of the Akamine sisters, including a message from the school’s founder, Chikako Maeda.

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