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Hachiyo-ryu Yone-no-kai



〜 Founder 〜

Message from Chikako Maeda

Every day I devote myself to my practice with the understanding that it is my responsibility to correctly pass on that which I have inherited, in the same form given to me by the “shining light” of my predecessors’ spirit and skills, while keeping in mind that the “sharp gaze of the audience is my master”. “With deep gratitude to my eight masters”.

琉球舞踊 八曄流餘音の会

沖縄県那覇市大道173  琉球舞踊教室 八曄流・餘音の会

☎︎ 098(884)1262

Hachiyo-ryu Yone-no-kai is a school of Ryukyuan dance that was established in 2001 by Chikako Maeda, who is the school’s founder and head as well as the master of the Ryukyu Koto Music Historical Society. Since she started learning orthodox Okinawan dance at the age of six, Maeda has studied under Seigi Tamagusuku, Seigi Higa , Yuko Majikina, Sadako Yamada, Seiko Higa, Oshiro Masako, and Koyu Shimabukuro. In 1965, she was awarded a teaching license (no. 5), and in 1982 she established the Yone-no-kai. “Hachiyo-ryu”, which translates roughly as “school of eight shining lights”, was launched in 2001, the name expressing respect for her seven masters and all her audiences and supporters, who represent her “eighth master”. No longer limited to Okinawa, the activities of Hachiyo-ryu have expanded to the international stage as the headquarters in Naha City, Okinawa, continues to produce many talented new performers. The Akamine sisters, two notable disciples of Chikako Maeda who have received numerous awards and accolades, received their teaching certificates in 2014 and moved their base of activities to Tokyo (Kanto branch).

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